【Information on new jingles available for commercial use】Sales start January 8, 2022!

🔥All products are for sale only to one person. In other words, only one jingle in the world🔥

You can use this service to promote your YouTube program, service, product, or company.

We create a copyright-free jingle for you. Please select your favorite sound from our product list and send it to us with the required wording using the order form, and we will send you a prototype in 3 to 5 days.

▶︎Item number: lab-0017 Please use it for camping equipment and camping programs.

We can insert the name of your service, event, company, YouTube program, etc.
We will insert the words of your choice into the production.
Price 50$

⬛︎ Item No. lab-0017

⬛︎ Price:50$

⬛︎ Contains 1 word(Additional wording can be added for an additional fee.)

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