DJ Name Jingle Customization

DJ jingle production service with selectable sound effects and wording.

Sound effects and wording can be combined! Customize the sound effects, wording such as “In The Mix”, and the way you say “DJ”! You can even order a voice-only version without sound effects!


There is no charge for cancellation.
The production fee will be charged only when you are satisfied with the prototype after listening to it.

How to Order

① ▶︎A:Sound effects  ▶︎B:How to say “DJ” ▶︎C:Other words ↓Choose each of the following

※ If you choose only B “How to say DJ”, it will be voice-only with no sound effects.

A sound effects

Click on the title


B How to say “DJ Name”

Click on the title

C  Other words

Click on the title

Click here to place an order.→Click here

Order to delivery

  • OrderClick Order, fill out the form and submit it.
  • We will start making prototypes.(3 to 5 days later) 
  • You will be notified of the completion of the prototype by e-mail.
    If you cancel at this point, you will not be charged at all.
    The fee will be charged only after you have listened to the prototype and are satisfied with it.
  • For international orders, Paypal is the only payment method.
    ※No refunds or returns after payment has been made.
  • After payment is confirmed, we will deliver the files as mp3 and wav files.
    ※We will deliver to your PC email address.

<Caution>Please read carefully

  • Additional wording: 10$ per additional wording.
  • Changing the template is an additional 10 to 30$ depending on the difficulty level.
  • Sounds and voices for each product are subject to change without notice.
  • Delivery is carried to the email address for the computer.

5 Features of Gottarizm

  1. We offer jingles with DJ names at reasonable prices.   
    There is no need to spend tens of thousands of yen on jingles.  
    Use the money you save to get a CD or record!
  2. A simple and easy ordering system for busy DJs!  
    There is no need to go through the hassle of ordering jingles.
    All you have to do is choose a product, fill out the order form, and we will produce a prototype for you.
  3. You can listen to prototypes on the web, wherever and whenever you want!
  4. The fee is only if you’re satisfied with the prototype! 
    There is no charge for cancellation or prototype production.
  5. You can even create jingles with your own voice or that of your friends
    Please use the voice recorder function on your phone and send it via email.
    (*) Please send only the DJ name. 10$ or more for text other than the DJ name.

What Gottarizm DJ jingles can do
  • You can insert jingles with your DJ name during DJ play at a club or during a DJ mix to differentiate yourself from other DJs.
  • You can play a jingle with the name of the party at your original party to liven up the atmosphere of the venue.
  • DJ name jingles at discount prices!