Q&A on editing and arranging music

About fees

Q.What is the 20$ base fee?
A.The price is $20 including tax for a total of two editing areas and delivery via email.

Q.What are the two editing points?
A.For example
 Connect 0 to 1 minute 00 seconds and 2 to 3 minutes 00 seconds of the song ← First edit
 End the song with an explosion sound ←Second edit 
 A total of two edits will fit within the basic fee of $20.

Q.How much does it cost to edit more parts?

A.We will charge $10 for each additional editing point. However, if you let us know your budget in advance, we will work within your budget, so please do not worry.

Q.Can I use sound files from youtube?
A.We cannot do this. Please send us the audio data that you have purchased.  
However, if you have an edit you like on you tube and would like us to edit it the same way, please provide the URL when ordering.

About the editing contents

Q.What should I do with the songs I want edited?
A.Please send audio data. Please use the free data delivery service(http://www.datadeliver.net/)as the data may be large.

Q.Is it possible to change the tempo of the entire song?
A.It is possible. Please listen to a sample with a different tempo, and we can modify it for you.

Q.I want to keep the BGM for the competition to ●minutes and ●seconds…

A.It is possible. We can edit according to your instructions, or you can leave the editing to us. If you tell us your budget, we will do our best to edit within it.

Q.I would like to have the edited song further edited, is that possible?
A.It is possible. Please let us know the part you are interested in (◯ minutes ◎ seconds) and send us the audio data of the edited song and the original song (not edited at all). Please use the free data delivery service(http://www.datadeliver.net/), as the data may be large.

Q.I want to insert explosion sounds into the background music for the competition…
A.This is possible. For up to two insertion points, we can produce it for a basic fee of 20$.

Q.I want to insert a team name or a voice for excitement into the background music for the competition…

A.It is possible. If you let us know the wording and atmosphere, we can prepare a voice for you, or we can insert a voice recorded by you.

Q.I live overseas, can I still order?
A.Yes, it is possible. We will exchange the editing contents and prototypes via e-mail. Delivery of the finished product is free of charge since it is by e-mail.

Q.Can you add the start sound of the rhythmic gymnastics performance to the song I’ve requested?
A.Yes, we will include it free of charge for customers who request song editing. Please write it in the “Editing details” column when you place your order.

Q.I have a song with a song, can I turn it off completely?
A.It cannot be completely erased. However, depending on the song, it may be possible to edit it to the point where it cannot be recognized. If you are not satisfied with the result, we will not charge you any fee. Please feel free to order. (*Please note that we cannot accept returns after payment has been made.

About payment

Q. What happens if I want to return the product?
A.We do not charge any fee if you get used to hearing the prototype and are satisfied with it. However, please note that we cannot accept returns after payment.

Q.When do I have to pay the fee?

A.After exchanging the editing details, we will create a prototype. We will send the prototype to your e-mail address. If there is no problem with the contents, we will inform you of the payment method by e-mail. We accept Paypal only. If you are not satisfied with the prototype, we will not charge you for it. 

Carrying in

Q.What does it mean to deliver by email?
A.We will deliver the edited song as an MP3 or Wav file to your e-mail address. At that time, please copy the audio file to CD-R by yourself.

Q.The delivery date is 10 days, but I need you to edit a song for a competition in 3 days.
A.Please let me know if you have any questions. We may be able to help you if your order is not busy.