Producing DJ jingles and other jingles

About DJ Name Jingles Services by gottarizm

We will create a jingle that can be used in a DJ MIX with your DJ name.
Template products, so you can order easily and casually.
Just choose the sound you like, place an order, and we will present you with a prototype in 3-5 days.

There are 2 ways to order a DJ jingles.

  1. ▶︎DJ name jingle template  
    Template product with all-in-one sound effects and wording.
  2. ▶︎DJ name jingle customization
    Sound effects and wording can be combined! Customize the sound effects, wording such as “In The Mix”, and the way you say “DJ”! You can even order a voice-only version without sound effects!

About Commercial use jingles by gottarizm

We can create royalty-free original jingles for you.
Please select your favorite sound from the list of products and send it to us with the required wording using the order form, and we will provide you with a prototype in 3 to 5 days. ▶︎ Commercial use jingles

(2021.8.29 New product additions)

About Dance jingles by gottarizm

For opening and connecting songs! A jingle that includes the name of the dancer or team along with an impressive sound effect. ▶︎ Dance jingle

We edit and produce music for rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, ballroom dance, figure skating, cheerleading, wedding background music, school events, company events, and more.
▶︎ Music editing

About the Wedding Jingle by gottarizm

A jingle with the bride and groom’s names in impressive sound effects and music.A great way to liven up the entrance scene of a wedding reception or after-party.
▶︎ Wedding Jingle

New items added!!!(2021.5.2)